...And even though not abandoning colours and paintbrushes, Nicolino Sirigu will spare great part of his free time to broaden his knowledge of the engraving techniques.

A challenging yet satisfying subject, being congenial to his artistic temperament.

Nicolino’s xylographies take shape on wood matrices, obtained from knotty and contorted oleaster. An almost indestructible wood, hard as the stones of the plateaus, where the sun andthe wind mould the oaks, and the oleasters fortify the spirit of the men.

Nicolino Sirigu, an ex emigrant, maybe the only engraver to make use of oleaster wood, succeeded thus in finding a place among the masters of the xylography art in Sardinia.

He prefers the works of great Sardinian artists, among whom Mario Delitala, Stanis Dessy, Carmelo Floris, and Giovanni Dotzo.

The more the surface is hard to engrave, the more the wood giving shape and meaning to the works of the artist from Orroli is perfect and mysterious.

While strenuously engraving, the artist thinks about the hard work of a farmer ( sa semina, s'arazzoni, sa messi, sa treulla) and the different steps in the processing ofwheat that ends with the baking of bread.