...What stikes us is the weight and thickness of these tables, made of an iron-like matter, as it appears compact, dried as it is by the hot sun of a stony land lacking in water.

Reetangles perfectly smooth, in which always, amazing, shines an intricate pattern of thick grains

to crowd that perfect surface with thin marks, signs that Nicolino Sirigu is able to follow, and from time to time pursuing the moving suggestion of an evening sky with a gauge.

Inside that impossible matter infact just wins the toughness of the steel that relentless can penetrate to dig or better undermine that stoned fibre.

Futher more it wins the effort and work of this talent xylographer, the love of this man for his country, environment and old silence of that place where he was born and he lives.

By the raging huff of these gauges that hardly grip this iron wood originate the miracle of a shape and its multiplications.

In Sirigu ‘s tables strike at once the taste of that hard work and accurate edges, as if they came from metal matrices; fix on the paper to catch the living breath of presence of man.

The austere sterness of that special wood it seems to convey the careful and faultless mark of this excellent Sardinian xylographer.